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Frequently Asked Questions

What services do you need to install a mains water dispenser?

Ideally most mains-fed drinking water dispensers should be:

• within around 10-15 metres of a mains water pipe.
• within one and a half metres of a spare 13 amp plug socket

Water fountains will also need access to a drain or outside wall.

What are the advantages of filtered mains water over bottled water?

Environmental advantages

• Unlike bottled water, you don’t have to worry about water being subjected to daylight and day to day temperature fluctuations
• More environmentally friendly as uses less plastic and diesel in deliveries

Logistical advantages

• Unlimited supply of quality, cooled, filtered water
• No storage issues
• No heavy lifting when changing bottles
• No need to organise deliveries

Economic advantages

• No fluctuating monthly cost or complicated billing
• No need to keep an eye on supplies and ordering
• Uses a product you’re already paying for through your water rates

You can read what scientists think in:
Should I stop drinking bottled water?
Britain’s love affair with bottled water – a national scandal?

Is it better to hire or buy?

It’s up to you!
• If you hire, Breakdown, maintenance and sanitisation is automatically included.
• If you buy, Breakdown, and sanitisation are included for the first 12 months.
Most customers prefer water cooler “Rental” as the best piece of mind option. You can find out more about sanitisation in our Services section.

Can I buy a water cooler or fountain without a Sanitisation Service?

We believe the Sanitisation Service is a “Must Have” when purchasing your water cooler or water fountain.

Any water cooler or water fountain being used to hydrate staff or the general public has to be properly maintained. To achieve the correct levels of hygiene the Water Dispense and Hydration Association (WHA) state that a mains connected water cooler should be internally sterilised every 6 months to ensure water quality with any filters being replaced in accordance with their specification.

As a professional organisation Connect Coolers prides itself on the quality of service and advice offered so it is not our standard sales policy to provide machines without the maintenance program that delivers this Sanitisation Service, which is why this is mandatory when orders are placed on our web site.

However, if you have a good reason to purchase without a maintenance program then please call us and we will arrange this for you.

We don’t like the taste of our tap water. Will a filter make that much difference?

Yes! Our filters use the latest technology to remove/reduce chlorine, odours & bad taste to deliver delicious tasting water.

We would like to change but we're tied to an existing contract

Not a problem. Call us today on 0800 6124 931 and we may be able to help with a RENT-FREE period.

What water cooler and water boiler products can you deliver?

Connect Coolers can provide your business or organisation with:

Water coolers
Water boilers
Water fountains
Instant taps

Is a mains fed filtered water dispenser the best idea for us?

If you’re unsure, why not take us up on our FREE TRIAL offer?

What workplaces do you deliver water cooler rental to?

Any workplace in mainland UK! (Excluding Scottish highlands) We can deliver to:

• Office environments
• Warehouses
• Canteens
• Kitchens
• Gyms and fitness centres
• Schools and colleges

Can you provide cups?

Yes, we can supply 7oz recyclable plastic cups in boxes of 2,000.

What’s your delivery radius for Yorkshire water coolers?

We deliver across the UK, so anywhere in Yorkshire isn’t a problem. We’ve delivered to Leeds, Bradford, Sheffield, Hull, Huddersfield, Halifax, Skipton Harrogate and beyond.

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