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Multiple Unit Orders
For companies or organisations requiring 3 units or more please call us on 0800 6124 931 for further information.

Instant boiling water taps and chilled taps

Looking for a boiling water tap for offices or staff kitchens? Or a tap dispensing fresh, chilled water from the get-go? Take a look at our pick of the market.

Instant taps to rent or buy

U800 Chilled Tap

U800 Chilled Tap

Elegant polished chrome glass filler.
•Constant supply of chilled filtered water.
•Over sink or stand alone. Drip tray options.
•Chiller unit hidden under sink or cabinet.
•Efficient, neat and space saving.
•1 micron filter for great tasting water.

EAZY TAP 75/800 instant boiling/chilled tap

EAZY TAP 75/800 instant boiling/chilled tap

Elegant polished chrome tap.
•Touch pad dispensing
•Instant hot and ambient water
•Instant hot and chilled water (800 model)
•No need for separate boiler, kettle or water cooler.
•Over sink or stand alone drip tray options.
•Boiler and chiller units fitted under sink.

Next steps

Not sure if your premises could accommodate a chilled tap or a boiling water tap? We’d be happy to share our experience and advice. Just give us a call on 0800 6124 931 or email ObscureMyEmail

Boiling water tap for office and canteens

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