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Mains fed water fountains

Keeping hydrated helps with energy and performance – take a look at the British Nutrition Foundation’s healthy hydration advice. Water fountains provide a convenient way to provide water in gyms, schools, hospitals and public places.

Mains fed water fountains to rent or buy

Maestro Water Fountain

Maestro Water Fountain

Built for hard working, tough environments.
•Choice of stainless panels or enamel finish.
•Bubbler and/or glass filler options.
•Deep drawn modern stainless steel basin.
•High volume output of 27 litres per hr.
•Floor Standing or wall mounted.
•Ideal for schools & Gyms.
•Requires drain.

Niagara Water Fountain

Niagara Water Fountain

Steel frame for hard working, tough environments.
•Ambient and cold temperatures.
•Push button taps for improved hygiene.
•Comfortable dispensing height.
•Wide open filling space for sports bottles.
•Massive 120L per hour output
•Ideal for schools & Gyms.
•Requires drain.

Tip: Water Fountains require access to a suitable drain pipe or outside wall within 1m distance.

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Mains fed water fountain

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