Rental Order Notes
Rental pricing is based on a 3-year term (other length agreements available on request) invoiced annually in advance. Customers are required to complete a simple rental agreement document.

Warranty message
Full breakdown cover is included for the duration of the hire period. This excludes damage or faults caused by misuse, accident or neglect, for which any repairs will be chargeable.
Purchase Order Notes
An Annual De-scale & filter change every 6 months (DSFC service) can be added at the time of purchase. This comprises of a site visit to conduct a 20 minute boiler descale and change the filter, where fitted. Additional in house customer performed de-scaling may be required to ensure the boiler operates correctly. Particularly in hard water areas. Faults caused by scale are not covered by any warranty and any repair needed where scale was found to be the cause would be chargeable.

Warranty message
Full breakdown cover for the first 12 months (Lincat products are 2yrs) is included. This excludes damage or faults caused by misuse, accident or neglect, for which any repairs will be chargeable.
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EB3X Auto-Fill Hot Water Boiler

EB3X Hot Water Boiler
  •  Hot Water Boiler

    Hot Water Boiler

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EB3X auto-fill Boiler (Annual Rental)


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EB3X auto-fill Boiler


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For companies or organisations requiring 3 units or more please call us on 0800 6124 931 or ObscureMyEmail for further information.

The EB3X Auto-Fill Hot Water Boiler allows you to quickly boil and dispense large quantities of piping hot water for tea, coffee and other hot drinks. With innovative features such as the Eco setting to save energy during quieter periods, the simple new descaling mode and precise temperature adjustment, the EB3X Auto-Fill Hot Water Boiler is a truly advanced water boiler for the busy commercial caterer.

  • Constant supply of filtered piping hot water.
  • Never needs filling.
  • No steam created.
  • Polished stainless steel finish.
  • Digital temperature display with filter level indicators.
  • 11 Litre rapid draw off.
  • 31 litres per hour output.
  • Easy descale, just follow the onscreen instructions. No tools required.
  • Table top design offers flexible positioning.
  • Eco setting reduces boiling water by 50%.
  • Intelligent predictive eco setting learns usage patterns and adjusts the water volume.
  • 7 day timer.
  • Narrow 250mm footprint.

Product Sheet
LED Display: Reliable information letting you know what the boiler is doing.

Overall Construction: Long life element. Mirror finish stainless steel. Smooth ABS/PC trim. Stainless steel water tank.
  • Heat up time to working temperature (full tank capacity) 31mins.
  • Height from tap to drip tray (250mm

Coloured Touch Screen Display: Enhanced multi-level diagnostics.

Scale Sensor Probe: Lets you know when de-scaling is required.

Filtered Water: Easy replacement filter. Helps prevent scale and improves taste.

Power Supply: 220/40 Volt. Total power rating (3kW). Electrical supply 1N~+E 230V 50-60Hz Current Rating - (13 Amps). 1.8 metre cable and a 13 amp moulded plug.
Service & Installation  

Installation Requirements:

• Access to mains water pipe
• 13 amp plug socket within 1metre. (Table top boilers)
• Mains power spur/supply at the boiler point. (Wall mounted)

Simple Installation - Flexible positioning!
Installation carried out in accordance with EDWCA standards and guidelines by qualified Connect Coolers representatives.
Although table top boilers are linked via the mains, high-density micro bore polypropylene piping is used to connect the machine. A more versatile and cost effective solution than traditional copper piping. It can be run in places where copper piping might not be suitable. Wall boilers are ideally installed above sink or draining board but can be positioned away using the optional drip tray.

Service and Maintenance:
Connect Coolers offer full breakdown cover and boiler de-scale service option.



Table Top: Height 600mm, Width 250mm, Depth 530mm

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